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Research Topics

Jean-Pierre Fouque (Professor and Director of the CRFMS)
Stochastic processes. Financial Mathematics. Volatility modeling. Publications

Guillaume Bonnet
Systemic risk

Dawn E. Holmes
Bayesian Networks and Maximum Entropy. Foundations of Bayesianism. Intuitionistic Markov Chains.

Postdocs/Visiting Assistant Professors:

Oana Catu (2008-2009)

Jose Figueroa-Lopez (2006-2007)
Nonparametric calibration methods and portfolio optimization problems in continuous-time models. Emphasis on Levy driven and jump-diffusion models.

Martin Forde (2006-2008)
Small-time and tail asymptotics for stochastic volatility models, Inverse problems in calibrating stochastic volatility models, volatility derivatives.

Mack Galloway (2006-2010)
Research interests include applications of Levy and time-inhomogeneous additive processes to the pricing of exotic options and credit spreads for default swap indices. The H-selfsimilar additive processes of Sato are only recently being recognized for their use in pricing equity options (exponential selfsimilar additive models). The usefulness of these processes extends beyond that of equity ptions, as they may be used to construct new processes in which modeling of price across maturity is involved.

Mike Landrigan (2008-2009)

Hyekyung Min (2007-09)
Actuarial and financial mathematics, stochastic processes, optimal control theory, stochastic differential equations.

Jesus Rodriguez (2006-2007)
Financial mathematics, Stochastic differential equations

Hasan Sayit (2006-2007)
Financial mathematics, Stochastic differential equations, Statistical inference on processes.
Malliavin Calculus and applications to finance. Stochastic Integration for fractional Brownian motion.

Adam Tashman (2008-2009)


Department of Statistics and Applied Probability
University of California
Santa Barbara, California 93106-3110